It's The Rush Hour! Buy PWD Rush & Other PWD Brands!

Please Note: Due to the manufacturer relabeling all inventory including PWD Rush and other PWD Brands there has been a nationwide shortage. This is not limited to PWD Rush but also includes Jungle Juice, Amsterdam, Taiwan Blue, English, etc. We expect some resolution to this in late September. In the meantime, only buy from reputable Vendors and keep an eye out for knock-offs and rip-offs.

Greetings from Ben!

First off, we have adequate PWD Rush inventory to coast through the PWD relabeling process. We may have some issues with the Jungle Juice and other fringe liquids but we are set on PWD Rush.

Secondly, during this transition period we are taking this time to do a little house cleaning at also. It has been 10 YEARS+ since I have done an overhaul of the website. It is seriously past time to drag me kicking and screaming into this millenia.

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